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Date: 12 Jul 2019 Author Type: Press Release
Author: Ford South Africa
Source: Ford South Africa
  • Ford encourages all South Africans to make every day a Mandela Day
  • Ford drives initiatives which empower people, encourage innovation, promote social mobility, and support communities
  • Ford encourages its employees to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate
PRETORIA, South Africa, 11 July 2019 –For 67 years, the late, great Nelson Mandela fought for social justice. Every year on his birth date, 18 July, individuals across the globe are asked to give just 67 minutes of their time in service to others. Mandela Day is not only a call to action for people to get involved in volunteer work, but also an opportunity to bring communities together, in the spirit of Madiba’s values to promote peace, reconciliation, and cultural diversity.

The core message of the annual campaign is a simple one: Each and every one of us has the power to impact someone’s life and make the world a better place. While individual efforts may be relatively minor, in combination with the efforts of other individuals, the collective impact can be profound.

“So why limit our efforts to just 67 minutes on one day a year?” says Neale Hill, managing director of Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa. “If the collective impact of individual efforts on one day a year can be profound, then the impact of ongoing efforts on more than just one day a year can be even more profound – especially when you consider the multiple impacts of different initiatives having an additive or synergistic effect on one another.”

“At Ford, we subscribe to the ethos that every day should be a Mandela Day,” he continues. “Our founder Henry Ford believed that a sustainable company goes hand-in-hand with a sustainable society; that businesses perform better when they pursue a greater purpose, not just profits. Which is why our giving strategy is about so much more than 67 minutes of volunteer work once a year on 18 July. We believe in an ongoing contribution to the social, environmental, and economic sustainability of all the communities in which we operate.”

Ford has a long-standing association with the SOS Children’s Village in Mamelodi. Ford sponsors House Number Six in the village which is a private, charitable, social development organisation that aims to build families for orphaned and abandoned children. Nine children between the ages of three and 18 are cared for in the Ford family-type home, where they are raised like brothers and sisters with a house mother who provides the children with the affection and security they need on a daily basis.

The MEDICOS School, a special day school for mentally handicapped children situated in Soshanguve, north of Pretoria is another initiative Ford has supported for a number of years. Many of the children who attend the school come from low income homes where their parents cannot afford school fees which means that they have to rely on volunteers and the goodwill of others to keep the school going. The school is an important part of the community and through the hard work of the dedicated teachers and volunteers they have been able to better the lives of many young children.

“These are just two of the numerous ongoing initiatives which Ford is driving in our philosophy that every day should be a Mandela Day,” says Hill. “And we’d like to take this opportunity to encourage all our fellow South Africans – both individuals and businesses – to adopt the same ethos. Because remember, while each and every one of us has the power to impact someone’s life and make the world a better place, it is in combination with the ongoing efforts of others that the collective impact has the potential to be really profound.”
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